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Ohio Department of Agriculture Emerald Ash Borer Program

Ohio's EAB Compliance Agreements

Compliance Agreements
Quarantined Materials
Types of Compliance Agreements
Compliant Companies

Compliance Agreements

The department has quarantined parts of Ohio to help stop the spread of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) through materials that may harbor the destructive pest. It is illegal to take ash trees, parts of ash trees, and all hardwood firewood out of quarantined areas without a compliance agreement.

Businesses or individuals wanting to move or accept ash trees, parts of an ash tree, or hardwood firewood from quarantined areas must first have an ODA compliance agreement. These businesses must be willing and able to employ acceptable handling practices, as outlined in the signed agreement, that help ensure EAB is not inadvertently introduced to new areas. Compliance agreement holders accomplish this by removing and destroying infested parts of the tree and by restricting movement of quarantined materials to times of the year when the larvae are immobile under the bark.

If compliance conditions are violated, the agreement will be cancelled and the business may be subject to penalties. Officials regularly inspect approved facilities for continued compliance.

Quarantined Materials

The materials prohibited from leaving quarantined areas in Ohio include:

  • Ash trees
  • Ash logs, ash limbs, and ash branches
  • All non-coniferous (hardwood) firewood with bark and outer half inch of sapwood intact
  • Ash wood chips and bark pieces larger than 1 inch

Types of Compliance Agreements

  • Shipping Mill
    • Located INSIDE a quarantined area and shipping quarantined materials out.
    • Able to remove bark and outer half inch of sapwood from ash tree material before shipping final product out of quarantined area.  
  • Receiving Mill
    • Located OUTSIDE of a quarantined area and receiving quarantined ash tree logs.
    • Able to segregate ash logs coming from quarantined areas;
    • Able to remove and destroy bark and outer half inch of sapwood from ash logs originating from quarantined areas;
    • Not selling firewood (i.e. slabwood) from quarantined materials;
    • Allowed to receive regulated materials between Oct. 1 and April 1. The facility must have all quarantined material processed by April 15.
  • Shipper
    • Haulers moving quarantined materials from quarantined area for processing.
    • Only moves quarantined materials during non-flight season (Oct. 1 through April 1);
    • Only moves quarantined materials to a receiving mill under compliance
  • Firewood Dealer (Must be able to do one of the following)
    • Exclude all ash tree material from the firewood production area. Dealers will have to demonstrate ability to identify and separate firewood species.
    • Remove bark and outer half inch of sapwood off of all non-coniferous firewood.
    • Kiln dry all non-coniferous firewood to USDA specifications.
    • Heat treat all non-coniferous firewood to USDA specifications. (Schedule available by calling 1-866-322-4512).
    • Fumigate all non-coniferous firewood to USDA specifications.

Compliant Companies

You can find companies that have met EAB quarantine regulations on the menu under COMPLIANCE wihthin the FAQ section. For a complete list of compliant companies, please contact us For a compliance agreement for your company, contact EAB. For a list of portable sawmills willing to perform custom sawmilling in Ohio, click here.