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Subcontracting Services

From time to time, samples submitted may require testing at a non-ADDL (referral) laboratory. Every effort will be made to arrange testing at an AAVLD or ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. If non-accredited labs are the only provider of a test, ADDL will document the quality of the assay being requested. The ADDL will charge a nominal shipping fee, if applicable, as well as charge the rate of the referral laboratory for the required testing service. Click here for a list of Subcontracted Tests. Note: This list is subject to change without notice.

To view the information for a test, please select the test name from the drop-down list.
To view all tests, select 'All Tests' from the drop-down list.

Click here to download a complete listing of Tests and Fees in PDF format.

  Test Name:

4-AminopyridineReferralToxStomach contents*, feed/bait (Frozen)FreezeM-FCall LabSubmit 10 g bait, 500 g stomach contents or feed; stomach contents are the preferred sample for this assay
Abortion Screen Panel195.00PathRefer to links found on the Test Search and the Pathology Section Page for a list of tests included in this panelIce packM-F10-15Refer to links found on the Test Search and the Pathology Section Page for a list of tests included in this panel
Aerobic Culture18.50BactiAffected tissues, fluid, swabs, tied off GI segmentIce packM-F2-7Aerobic transport media should be used for swabs; airtight sterile containers for tissues and fluids
Anaplasmosis - CF16.00SerSerumIce packT1export requirements usually
Anaerobic Culture20.00BactiAffected tissues, fluid, swabs, tied off GI segmentIce packM-F3-7Use anaerobic transport media; ship by express mail; (refer to appendix for list of organisms that can be detected with this test)
Anticoagulants Screen IndividualReferralTox Whole blood, feed, liver, baitIce packM-FCall LabSubmit 5 g of feed, 5 g liver, or bait; 5 ml of whole blood; screen test fee is 50.00; fee for an individual agent is 30.00
Arsenic ReferralToxLiver, kidney*, feed (Frozen), stomach/rumen contents, urine Whole BloodFreeze Tissue, Ice pack Whole BloodM-FCall Lab Submit 50 g of tissues, 100 g of feed, 500 g stomach/rumen contents, or 2 ml of whole blood
Avian Encephalomyelitis - ELISA3.00Avian Ser.SerumIce packR10.5 ml of sera from multiple birds
Avian Influenza - AGID1.10Avian Ser.SerumIce packM-R10.5 ml of serum
Equine Herpesvirus-Type 1 - SN6.50VirSerumIce packW5Submit acute and convalescent sera
Avian Influenza - FA3.00VirLung, trachea, sinus exudateIce packM-F1Specimens from multiple birds
Avian Polyomavirus - FA3.00VirLiver, spleen, heart, kidneyIce packM-F1Detect viral antigen
Bluetongue - AGID7.00SerSerumIce packM-W2None
Bluetongue - CF11.00SerSerumIce packW1Export requirements usually
Bluetongue - ELISA8.00SerSerumIce packW1All ruminants