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Ohio Department of Agriculture | Asian Longhorned Beetle

Asian Longhorned Beetle

In June 2011, the Asian Longhorned Beetle was discovered in Tate Township in Clermont County. This invasive beetle has no known natural predators and poses a threat to Ohio's hardwood forests (more than $2.5 billion in standing maple timber) and the state's $5 billion nursery industry which employs nearly 240,000 people.

To keep this tree-killing pest from spreading across Ohio, restricted areas are now in effect for Tate Township and parts of Batavia, Monroe and Stonelick Townships in Clermont County, as well as for East Fork State Park.

It is illegal to remove the following items from either area:
(A) Firewood, stumps, roots, branches, debris and other material living, dead, cut, or fallen from all hardwood species; and green lumber, nursery stock and logs of the following genera: Acer (maple), Aesculus (horse chestnut), Albizia (mimosa), Betula (birch), Celtis (hackberry), Cercidiphyllum (katsura), Fraxinus (ash), Koelteria (golden raintree), Platanus (sycamore), Populus (poplar), Salix (willow), Sorbus (mountain ash), and Ulmus (elm).
(B) Any other article, product, or means of conveyance not covered by paragraph (a) of this section if the director determines that it presents a risk of spreading Asian longhorned beetle. 901:5-57-04 Conditions of movement.

Ohio is the fifth state to find Asian Longhorned Beetles. The pest was successfully eradicated in Illinois and parts of New Jersey, and it is currently being controlled in New York and Massachusetts. With the help of local citizens reporting known infestations it can be controlled in Ohio as well. Potential infestations are encouraged to be reported to 855-252-6450.


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