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Ohio Department of Agriculture Hay Directory

Hay Directory

Ohio Department of Agriculture
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In response to severe heat and rainfall shortages, Governor John R. Kasich signed Executive Order 2012-11K on July 25, 2012, instructing state agencies to help farmers reduce the negative impacts of the drought. In order to help farmers find or sell hay for their livestock, the Ohio Department of Agriculture maintains this website to share information on hay availability.

We offer two distinct areas 'I Have Hay' and 'I Need Hay'.

I Have Hay
If you have hay available, you can submit a request to list it in the Hay Directory. You can view a listing of hay that is available on the 'I Have' Hay Directory Search page.

I Need Hay
If you are in need to purchase hay, you can submit a request to list it in the Hay Directory. You can view a listing of hay that is needed on the 'I Need' Hay Directory Search

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